Annual Scholarships Awarded by the

Peabody Rotary Club

Scholarships are a major part of the Peabody Rotary Club's support for community and education. Each year the Peabody Rotary Club awards scholarships to high school seniors for use towards college. Eligible students must reside in Peabody. 

Scholarships are award to the winners after the completion of their first semester of college and proof or enrollment for their second semester.

2018 Scholarship Winners:

2017 Scholarship Winners:


2017 Scholarship winners:

Julia Tansey/Joie Dillon/Shannon Silva/Ashley Royer/Sara Ciman/Sara Feinstein/Collen Guiney/Justin Canuel 

Back row Rotarians: Corey Carter/Dan Vassallo/Alliso McCarthy/Gary Epstein/Joe Scurio/Laura McNeil/Diane Dube


2016 Scholarship winners:

Serena Santos/Kyra Bresnahan/Victor Karalolos/Rachael Margossian/Elizabet Godscall/Mariah deFreitas/Vasiliki Tzortzis/Brian Bloom/Douglas Santos/

Sam Berns Scholarship winner: Nathaniel Taylor


2015 Scholarship winners

 Sarah Godschall/Samantha Kinnaly/Lauren Silva/Mia Lomasney/Beth Arnold/Jessica Fama/Devon Forsythe/Eleni Petromelis

Sam Berns Scholarship Winner:Peter Kilcommons






2014 Scholarships, all at $1,000:

Steven LaRochelle - Bishop Fenwick

Matthew Censullo - St. John's Prep

Timothy Parons - Peabody Veterans' Memorial

Samuel Feinstein - Peabody Veterans' Memorial

Ian Lam - Peabody Veterans' Memorial

Siobhan McConnell - Bishop Fenwick

Alyson Bortone - Peabody Veterans' Memorial

Austin Solomine - Peabody Veterans Memorial

Leandra Romano - Peabody Veterans Memorial

Stephen Spada - St. John's Prep

** Sam Berns Memorial Scholarship ** - Rafaella Gomes - $1,000









2013:  $8,000 in scholarships to 8 students

2012:  $5,000 in scholarships to 5 students

2011:  $8,000 in scholarships to 8 students

2010 - $6,000 in scholarships to 6 students

2009 - $11,000 in scholarships to 11 students

2008 -$7000 in scholarships to 7 students